How is the corporate world changing?

Two explanatory models and the advantages for your company

Author: Clarissa Schuliga

Unternehmenswelt im Wandel

Digitization and globalization are dominating the world of work. They bring with them endless benefits, but above all major changes for the corporate world. Markets have become highly interdependent, knowledge faster than ever. Always faster and further. What was important yesterday no longer applies today. Faster, more unpredictable, more uncertain and more complex. This poses major challenges for companies.

The acronym VUCA attempts to describe precisely these facts.

What does VUCA mean?


The corporate world must always react flexibly to the new reactions, experiences, convictions and paradigms and broaden its view. Individuality and dynamism replace standards and linear thinking and action. This is exactly where the future of companies lies. Numerous tools have emerged from this. Best thinking instead of best practice, agile and self-organized systems – all these are tools that help to manage change. It also takes vision, knowledge & understanding, clarity & simplicity, and agility to keep the company fit for the future. This affects all areas of the business.

Human Resources is also not spared from the constant change and must adapt strongly to the new dynamics. Whether recruiting or personnel development. Here, too, the world does not stand still.

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But is VUCA still sufficient to describe the current state of the world and derive meaningful tools for companies from it?


A new term that is now increasingly heard in companies and was coined in 2020 by the global pandemic and the ever extreme change is BANI. VUCA has long been the explanation for the challenges companies face. But the pandemic suddenly made life chaotic. No longer just unpredictable and rapidly changing, but actually chaotic. An unprecedented threat overtook everyone in here and threw the world into chaos for a moment. From this, the acronym BANI was born. The model will no longer just describe the challenges facing the economy and society, but also explain the resulting consequences.

What does  BANI mean?

Erklärungsmodell BANI

However, all the rapid social developments are creating not only challenges, but also numerous new opportunities for the corporate world and, above all, the working world of tomorrow. Brand new words that are becoming increasingly important in this context are now resilience and mindfulness, empathy, adaptability, and transparency and intuition. This can give rise to new ways of thinking, new possibilities for the design of corporate and leadership structures. This can grow values, workplace design, communication in the company. All this is changing, as are the demands of the new generations of employees. Thus, new perspectives and new opportunities can be found together.

The world changes, that is part of life. Something old can die so that something new can emerge and new doors can be opened.

November 2022

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