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Discover your HR potential

Save up to 80% of the costs compared to an analog HR analysis

Reveal up to 100% of your HR processes and best practices

Improve the exchange between your HR locations

More than 80% of HR processes are not or only intransparently recorded and used

Our three steps for your structured
HR-process optimization

1. Identify

Convenient survey of
the status quo
  • HR processes
  • HR structure
  • HR process breaks

2. Analyze

Get cross-location
  • HR best practices
  • HR competencies
  • HR KPIs

3. Optimize

Template for
HR transformation
  • Employee journey
  • Talent and performance management
  • Global collaboration

Overview of HR processes can be easy!

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Collect real numbers for measurable progress. Survey all your HR processes and get KPIs to measure the HR performance of your investment companies.    –> Learn more

The requirements & complexity of HR are steadily increasing

As a result:

Standardizing and digitalizing HR processes across locations requires a systematic overview of the global HR landscape

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  1. “We have found that certain HR processes are not the same everywhere –​ and we know which ones they are.”
  2. “There is a different understanding of the HR processes – and we know where.”​
  3. “There is a difference in the level of HR competencies – and we know with whom.”​
Thomas Egenter​
VP HR Hansgrohe SE​
  • Quick and easy transparency of HR processes and best practices
  • Real-time data for fast planning and controlling HR
  • Strategic roadmap for a successful HR department
  • Use of internal HR synergies (make collaboration possible)
  • Retention and development of HR know-how (set up knowledgebase)
  • Measures coordinated with proven company DNA
  • No impact on IT or the IT infrastructure
  • Transparency on the basis of comprehensible and operationalized criteria
  • Sovereignty over process and data by means of independence
  • Overview of internal HR competencies (implement best practices)

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