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Most HR managers are caught up in the daily execution of projects, working “ad hoc” and solving immediate problems, as they lack the resources to shape their HR consciously in the long term.

On the other hand, high-performing HR managers are aware of the impact of good HR processes geared towards fulfilling the corporate strategy and effectively supporting it.


More visibility for HR as practical support!

Case Studies

Explore our successful digital transformations with some of the world’s leading brands

Building up a global HR Expert Team


HR Process, Task and Responsibility Mapping as basis to create a global HR Expert Taskforce Team
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Global Process Harmonization


HR Process and Knowledge Mapping of the status quo for a global HR Process Harmonization and a Best Practices Analysis
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We help innovative HR-leaders achieve greater efficiency and more robust results

datadriven / with HR Process Analytics SaaS

The ultimate goal in HR?

Efficiency and Effectivity

Unfortunately, HR leaders often don’t end up where they had hoped.

Overwhelmed by day-to-day business and too few resources for necessary and strategic HR projects, HR is not given the importance it deserves in the company and is not perceived as an essential supporter of the corporate strategy.

About TraSy

Do you want to learn more about TraSy and the story behind it?

Read how Christina Haury, CEO and Founder of TraSy, came up with the idea and learn more about our mission, vision and journey.

Why do HR call us...?

HR managers turn to us when they realize they lack a comprehensive overview of their global HR process landscape or need a solid database to drive their HR projects (digitalization/transformation/internationalization) forward.

They are looking for an experienced and trustworthy partner who can provide them with all the data they need to make a well-founded decision transparently and for full in-house adoption in the shortest possible time.

Innovative – digital – via SaaS solution!

Our clients usually suffer from one or more of the following problems:


Large companies face the challenge of harmonizing and standardizing HR processes across different locations and cultures.

This includes complying with local and global regulations and implementing efficient and scalable HR technology solutions.


Creating transparency in HR processes and ensuring their quality across different locations and business units is another key challenge.

Companies are looking for solutions that not only increase the efficiency of HR processes, but also minimize compliance risks and provide a solid basis for strategic HR decisions.


HR teams are under pressure to minimize workloads in order to respond quickly to business needs and reduce costs.

This requires the introduction of efficient, automated HR processes and the optimization of the existing HR technology infrastructure.


The ability to make HR decisions based on data and analytics is critical for organizations.

They are looking for solutions that enable them to efficiently collect, analyze and use HR data to improve processes and align HR strategy.


Clients often struggle with outdated HR processes.

Digitization addresses this by transitioning from manual to digital, enhancing data management and efficiency through the latest HR technologies. We evaluate your current practices, identify inefficiencies, and implement solutions that automate and modernize your HR functions.


Clients need to align HR strategies with evolving business goals.

Transformation involves redesigning HR processes to support strategic objectives, incorporating global and local requirements. We help develop and implement new strategies, ensuring they integrate well with your company culture for a cohesive and forward-looking HR approach.

Our Ideal Client

High-performing HR leaders from an international company

Our Services

Full Survey

Full Survey

Capture all HR areas and core processes for a holistic view of your HR structure.
This comprehensive analysis provides you with a complete overview in the form of an HR process analysis, identifies process gaps and highlights best practices. Perfect for organizations looking to completely transform and standardize their HR processes.

Partial Survey

Partial Survey

Focus on specific HR areas to gain in-depth insights into individual processes. Ideal for companies looking to improve specific functions such as recruiting or onboarding.
This targeted survey allows you to drill down into the finer details and make specific improvements or adjustments.

What HR typically achieve when
using TraSy

  • A thorough assessment of the global HR landscape, followed by a detailed assessment that identifies areas for improvement
  • A jointly created roadmap and improvement plan that addresses the critical issues and aligns with the company’s goals and vision for success
  • If desired, we will provide implementation support over a longer period to give HR the necessary freedom

You choose

Depending on your resources and competencies


Independent Solution

With TraSy, you can digitize and optimize HR processes yourself. This solution gives you complete control and offers comprehensive self-help tools and an intuitive interface so that you can make your HR processes more efficient according to your wishes.


Partially Supported

TraSy offers an accompanied service variant for companies looking for support. Our team of experts is on hand to advise you, combined with the flexibility to use TraSy independently to improve your HR processes.


Fully Managed

If you choose our external option, Haury Solutions will take over the complete evaluation and analysis of your HR processes. This minimizes the workload for your team, while our team of experts takes care of all optimization steps and you can concentrate on your core business.

Our three steps for your structured
HR-process optimization

1. Identify

Convenient survey of
the status quo
  • HR processes
  • HR structure
  • HR process breaks

2. Analyze

Get cross-location
  • HR best practices
  • HR competencies
  • HR KPIs

3. Optimize

Template for
HR transformation
  • Employee journey
  • Talent and performance management
  • Global collaboration

HR Process Discovery can be easy!

If you are an innovative, high-performing HR leader and you are keen to get help, book a call.

Successful HR-Leaders
speak for us

"Without TraSy, every personnel decision and HR measure is just a blind flight in the fog"

"TraSy is the key for cost reduction"

Carlos Salgado
HR Director, Kayser Automotive Group
"With TraSy, we have a tool that gives us a quick and reliable overview of the individual maturity level of our HR departments worldwide...
The results are presented very clearly and show us best practices at a glance, but also areas where there is a need for action."
Thomas Egenter
VP HR, Hansgrohe SE


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