4 simple HR actions to make leaders AI ready!

AI is on everyone's lips and will revolutionize the world/working life like never before! This brings opportunities, but also risks and fears. It is important for companies to take their managers and employees with them on their journey.
Today I will show you four actions that help to better understand AI

Author: Christina Haury

AI will find its way into all areas of work, which is why it is important to get employees up to speed on the topic early on!

Here are four approaches how HR can include the topic KI in leadership development:

1. Provide an overview – free online course

What is meant by AI (artificial intelligence) or AI (artificial intelligence)?

What is “artificial,” what is “intelligent”?

Elements of AI has been offering free learning courses on AI since 2018, which was designed by the University of Helsinki and by a learning technology company.

This recommended one explains very clearly and easily understandable about basics and interesting facts about AI.

Click here to go directly to the online course: Want to learn more about AI? (elementsofai.com)

2. Let you try it out – free playground

It’s like many things in life; you know it by hearsay and you get a completely different view of the issues when you get into it yourself, so dear HR colleagues:

Offer a framework in which executives can see for themselves what AI can do (so far).

This can be done, for example, via the Playground of ChatGPD (possible without account creation): Playground – OpenAI API

Important to know:

An AI only outputs what was asked, i.e. proper “prompting” is important here. Prompting is the exchange of how humans can communicate with the AI, meaning: the clearer my input is, the better the result.

Check out the following link for an explanation and step by step instructions for good prompting: How to use ChatGPD

3. AI leadership circles

Exchange – exchange – exchange = these are the three magic words to take away “the terror” from AI, which can be observed in a large number of people in the meantime.

Understandably so. Because the new application possibilities of AI also offer approaches to rethink entire corporate divisions.

Many employees are worried about their jobs. Here it is important that managers have these fears on the agenda at an early stage.

HR can provide support here. Regular AI leadership circles (e.g., as a 30-minute-weekly lunch format), in which executives are offered a platform to talk about the topic, can provide support.

4. Set limits!

For HR/employers, the topic of AI means creating framework conditions! How artificial intelligence is to be used in the company must not only be discussed, but also communicated extensively to the executives.

Questions must be asked such as:

  1. Where may AI be used?
  2. What data must not be fed into an AI?
  3. What monitoring bodies must be created?


For this, guidelines are important, which must be explained to the employees. These guidelines should already be clearly explained to new employees during onboarding and should also be explained again and again in the further course of management/employee meetings. Regularity helps to keep awareness of the issue alive and helps to prevent unpleasant surprises.


By the way:
The topic of AI should also be included in the corporate/HR strategy. (More on this in an upcoming newsletter)

Summary – 4 x A:

  1. Awareness = What is AI?
  2. Adapt = Let people gain their own experience!
  3. Allow exchange = allow room for concerns!
  4. Attention = Set limits!

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April, 2023

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