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How do I build a competitive HR in a structured way?

HR tasks are very diverse. Whereas in the past it was a matter of drawing up an employment contract and paying out wages, today’s HR has many more tasks to handle as a service provider. As a service provider, HR has the task of finding, retaining and developing the required number of employees. The structured setup of HR is a prerequisite for clear HR processes.

HR: goals and best practices

The ability to draw on internal company best practices is often an absolute goldmine!

What could be better for a company than to fall back on concepts and approaches that are already anchored in the company and have proven themselves in practice?

HR-How do you meet the different requirements?

Every company has its own requirements that HR departments are guided by. But where to start when these HR requirements are different in every subsidiary?

Every company has its own requirements that HR departments are guided by. But where to start when these HR requirements are different in every subsidiary?
Learn more about the background of a maturity survey and who benefits from the results of a survey.

How to improve HR processes?

In the field of human resources, the maturity survey approach is still in its infancy. One difficulty is certainly the diversity in HR. Every company has its own requirements, which HR departments are guided by. These requirements for HR are constantly increasing and becoming more and more complex. For a globally positioned company, it is not unusual that different HR processes exist at the various HR locations. This leads to an inhibiting lack of transparency when considering HR processes across locations.

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What does life phase oriented work mean?

In its overall concept, the life-phase-oriented HR policy aims to promote and continuously develop employees in order to foster their willingness and ability to perform and thus build long-term employee loyalty. This takes into account the various phases of an employee’s life and career and views the employee as a whole person. Whether training, career paths, parenthood, caring for dependents, reintegration or retirement. This gives companies the opportunity to significantly increase their attractiveness as an employer and take the fluctuation rate into account.

How important is employer branding for my recruiting?

Applicants want to identify with a company. Employer branding embodies your company to the outside world. Targeted employer branding helps you to address exactly those potential employees who fit your company.

But how exactly do I address my potential employees and what content does my brand need?

International personnel management (opportunities and challenges)

The range of tasks includes far more than purely administrative activities, but also strategic aspects. Particularly challenging is the high administrative effort, as well as the consideration of country-specific characteristics and cultural differences. In addition to country-specific expertise, this requires a high level of intercultural competence on the part of HR employees.

Personnel development in transition

In today’s battle for the best candidates & companies have to come up with a lot. And even if candidates have accepted, it takes more than a secure job and regular salary increases to retain employees in the long term. They demand personal and professional development and more flexibility in their daily work. The new generation of employees will experience themselves and steadily expand their own activities…

How does recruiting work today?

While word-of-mouth, job fairs and job advertisements in print media used to be the main way to find new employees, companies today have to go in completely new directions. The options are more diverse than ever. And that’s a good thing, because we have such a diverse workforce in the employee market as well, all of whom need to be addressed somehow. Because the free resources on the labor market have become scarce. And so, in addition to job boards and (online) job ads, there are many other and practical ways to approach new employees…


How is the corporate world changing? (Two explanatory models)

Digitization and globalization are dominating the world of work. They bring with them endless benefits, but above all major changes for the corporate world. Markets have become highly interdependent, knowledge faster than ever. Always faster and further. What was important yesterday no longer applies today. Faster, more unpredictable, more uncertain and more complex. This presents companies with major challenges…