How to improve HR processes?

In HR, process improvement can come from HR maturity levels. The approaches of maturity levels in business are manifold. From the maturity model for situational leadership by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard to maturity models in the field of software development (e.g. SPICE), they are used in a wide variety of areas.

Author: Christina Haury

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In the field of human resources, the approach is still in its infancy. One difficulty is certainly the diversity in HR. Every company has its own requirements, which HR departments are guided by. These requirements for HR are constantly increasing and becoming more and more complex. For a globally positioned company, it is not unusual that different HR processes exist at the various HR locations. This leads to an inhibiting lack of transparency when considering HR processes across locations.

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Making these different HR processes transparent in the individual subsidiaries can be a very decisive competitive advantage for companies.

  • Clearly defined processes are transparent
  • Clearly defined processes are comparable
  • Clearly defined processes are measurable
  • Clearly defined processes are controllable
  • Clearly defined processes guarantee quality
  • Clearly defined processes increase the speed of performance

Companies that want to position themselves for the future should consider how they can obtain a comprehensive overview of the maturity levels of their HR landscape at the various locations.

Christina Hauri

You want to bring more structure into your HR?


Development of an HR transformation plan

The following elements are important here:

  • Create transparency about HR processes and numbers quickly and as easily as possible
  • Get an overview of internal HR competencies
  • Establish comprehensible and operationalizable criteria
  • And ensure sovereignty over processes and data


To create a maturity model in HR, the following steps are necessary:

  • Define HR task areas
  • Identify HR requirements
  • Develop operationalized questions for these task areas
  • Determine the survey method
  • Include validation options in the self-assessment
  • Record the status quo
  • Analyze the current situation of HR processes
  • Derive measures
  • Define a roadmap

The steps for creating the maturity model can be broken down into three phases:

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Identifying HR processes across locations in order to standardize and digitize them globally should be at the top of the agenda in strategic HR management!

January, 2023

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