Why process optimizations in HR often fail!

And which three steps help you succeed!

What do the implementation of HR software and HR quality have to do with each other?

Quite simply:
Both need good HR processes as a basis! In the rarest of cases, however, regular checks are made to see whether the processes still fit the company!

In addition to the fact that time is usually in short supply in HR, the question often arises:

How do you start an HR process optimization?

Author: Christina Haury

Three core elements are of crucial importance here:

Process Discovery, Process Mapping and Process Modeling

It is important to note that a sequence must be followed if HR processes are to be sustainably optimized. Without this triad, HR processes cannot be comprehensively optimized. Each element must be in its own order and also have its own focus and objective, which we will look at in more detail below.

Table of Contents

1. Process Discovery


Process discovery refers to the systematic collection and analysis of an existing business process to determine its:

  • current workflows,
  • actors involved,
  • resources used and
  • possible inefficiencies


This phase is crucial for gaining a sound understanding of a process’s current state before starting process mapping or modeling.

  1. Basic understanding of the process
  2. Identification of areas for improvement
  3. Basis for process optimization
  4. Risk and compliance management
Level of detail

Compared to process mapping and modeling, the level of detail in the process discovery phase tends to be low to medium. This step concerns a broad understanding of the process than an in-depth component analysis.

Although the level of detail is not extremely high, Process Discovery involves qualitative and quantitative data collection. This includes observations, interviews, document analysis, and possibly process mining tools that extract data from IT systems.

The focus is on the current state, i.e., the depth of detail concentrates on capturing the current state without going into the depth of optimization or change proposals.


Process discovery is a crucial step in gaining a basic understanding of a process, with sufficient detail to provide a solid basis for further process analysis and optimization.

2. Process Mapping


Process mapping is the simple, often graphical, representation of a business process. It is a type of flowchart that shows how tasks, information, and decisions flow within a process.

  • To create clarity and understanding of the current process
  • Identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and potential risks
  • To promote a common understanding of the process among all stakeholders
Level of detail

In general, process mapping is less detailed than process modeling. It focuses on the key steps and decisions, not necessarily on the specific attributes or rules driving the process.

Process mapping provides a clear, easy-to-understand overview of the critical steps of the hiring process. It helps identify the general flow and key stakeholders but does not focus on details such as specific guidelines, timelines, or system integrations.


Process Mapping is a simplified (often graphical) representation that helps to understand and analyze a process.

3. Process Modeling


Process modeling goes one step further and involves the creation of a detailed model of a process, often using specific modeling languages such as BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).

  • It aims to represent the current state of a process and how processes should ideally be executed.
  • Process modeling is often used for process improvement and automation.
Level of detail

Process modeling is usually more detailed and includes:

  • specific process attributes,
  • roles,
  • data flows and
  • integrations with other processes and systems.

Process modeling is a more detailed and technical approach generally used to improve, automate, and implement processes.

4. At a glance - the steps to HR optimization!

A clean process discovery lays the foundation for a sustainable optimization of HR processes and is time well spent to ensure HR quality!

If you would like to know how to easily conduct process discovery independently and digitally, we would be happy to show you our software solution, TraSy.

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January, 2024

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